ChinChin ®

Chin Chin ChinChin chinchin


What does ChinChin® mean?

ChinChin (japanese for „little tail”) is mobile fashion from diva berlin. In Japan it is already a must have for all trendy fashion victims. Mobile fashion is considered there to be a lucky charm. Many little items are attached to the mobile phone. They can be worn at any occasion. Moreover ChinChin lucky-charms are permanent companions of your mobile. Because of that they are perfect to express your own individual style. They pay tribute to the owners´distinctive taste and style and underline in a playful way the fun of styling and presenting oneself.

Depending on your mood you can change and match this little fashion accessoire to your outfit and schedule. Diva berlin´s ChinChin® turn themselves to your mobile´s personal distinctive mark.

In Japan mobile fashion can be found in the most various versions: little rubber motives and plastic comic figures. Animals made out of pearls as well as leather and wood motives.

Diva Berlin designed its own premium collection which is exclusively distributed by Diva Berlin. The collection is the most beautiful and luxurious version of mobile fashion: hand made mobile tags made out of precious fiery glittering crystals.

No matter which version you choose:
ChinChin® mobile fashion by diva berlin is always a high quality and at the same time fancy accessory for your mobile. You will contract a deep friendship with your diva berlin ChinChin®.

The company name diva berlin®, the trade name ChinChin® and the corporate logo are registered trademarks of diva berlin®.