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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How are the dispatch conditions?

You will find dispatch conditions and further information at our brief summary: Consumer information.

Can I attach ChinChin® to my mobile?

Yes! ChinChin® mobile fashion by diva berlin can be attached to all mobile phones. You attach your ChinChin® either to a special ChinChin® eyelet/tag to your mobile (if existent) or via a connection kit.

How do I attach ChinChin® to my mobile?

A lot of mobile´s already have eyelets for mobile fashion accessories. There it is really easy to attach ChinChin® by diva berlin. If your mobile does not have such an eyelet you can attach the ChinChin® to your mobile with a little finesse. In case this does not work, you can buy a special ChinChin® holder (Connection Kit) in our web shop.

Where do I attach ChinChin® to my mobile?

It is the easiest, if your mobile does already have a ChinChin® eyelet. A lot of mobile phones companies (not only Japanese) prepared themselves for this trend. By doing so they attached an eyelet to the faceplate.If you still need a Connection Kit, attach ChinChin® to the upper quarter of the faceplate´s backside.
You can also attach it collateral to the faceplate as long as the Connection Kit´s entire adhesive surface area bears on.

I have got a hands-free speaking system in my car. Can any problems evolve?

If you use your mobile in a car via a hands-free speaking system please check where to attach a Connection Kit before. If you do have a ChinChin® eyelet attached to your mobile you will not have any problems attaching your ChinChin® to your phone.

I am retailer. Are there any special conditions?

If you are a retailer, please contact us per fax.

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